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Both World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Ministry of Health, Malaysia have confirmed an epidemic of non-communicable diseases which are imposed great economic burden on the country. Non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular, chronic lung, neurodegenerative, musculoskeletal and age-related macular degeneration disorders are expected to rise with the increase in the number of senior citizens in Malaysia. These disorders are commonly associated with loss of specific tissue functions with impaired self-healing capability and render the patients functionally disabled, which significantly reduce their quality of life.

Regenerative medicine is an emerging, yet rapidly expanding field that combines knowledge from multi-disciplinary basic research to establish clinical applications towards the aim of repairing, replacing and re-growing damaged tissue in order to restore its normal function. Strategies to regain tissue function following injury include cell therapy, tissue engineering and gene therapy, which can be alternatives to traditional organ replacement therapies.

The Regenerative Medicine Cluster strengths are in: 

-   Stem cell therapy - lung regeneration, heart regeneration
-   Gene therapy - transfusion, gene delivery into dendritic cells, G6PD disorder
-   Bioengineering - blood substitutes, extracellular cue manipulation of cell fate, nanocarrier
-   Immunology - cardiovascular biology, transplantation for primary immunodeficiency

We determine to become the first centre of excellence in regenerative medicine in Malaysia, expediting the translational process “From Bench to Bedside to Bench", in order to address the pressing health needs with our advanced treatments.

To date, two academic programs are currently offered in CRM, namely the Master of Medicine (MMed) in Transfusion Medicine and Master of Science (MSc) in Transfusion Science. We are the only course provider for these programs in the Asia Pacific region to train the next generation of professional healthcare practitioner and scientists in transfusion medicine.