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Department of Toxicology

DoT stems at achieving the understanding of the effects of drugs and other chemicals on living organisms, taking into account the field of pharmacology and toxicology simultaneously. Pharmacology is the study of drugs and their interactions with living organisms, including how they are absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and excreted. Toxicology, on the other hand, studies the harmful effects of chemicals on living organisms, including humans.

Considering these fields, pharmacology and toxicology research helps to develop new drugs and therapies to treat a variety of diseases and medical conditions. By understanding how drugs work in the body and the potential side effects, researchers can develop more effective and safe treatments.

In addition, DoT aims to educate medical and other healthcare students on the use and effects of drugs and chemicals. This includes the proper use of drugs, their mechanisms of action, and the potential side effects that may occur.

Overall, DoT aims to study the beneficial and harmful effects of chemicals and drugs, with the goal of improving drug efficacy and safety. Thus, DoT has a crucial role in providing knowledge and scientific data to improve human health through the study of drugs and chemicals and their effects on the body.


Leading the translational research and academic programs in Malaysia under the Toxicology and Pharmacology related fields by 2027


The department strives to lead translational research and academic programs that cultivate the integration of toxicological and pharmacological new knowledge for the benefits of society, industry and research community



The Department of Toxicology has research strengths in the field of natural health and therapeutic product development especially in the area of quality standardization, nano-based product formulation, and preclinical safety and efficacy assessment of products derived from natural resources. In achieving the Toxicology Department vision & mission, its members are committed to publish scientific articles to communicate the new pharmacological and toxicological knowledge of science and medicine and lead on-going research grants and projects related to the pharmacological and toxicological areas of various scales and stages.

Academic Programme

The department aims at establishing education program of recognized quality that incorporates the toxicological and pharmacological knowledge in science and medicine for the benefits of society, industry and research communities consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals. To date, one academic program is currently being offered, namely the Master of Science (MSc) in Health Toxicology