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Integrative medicine is a practice that focuses on a whole person, in a way that selectively incorporates elements of complementary and alternative medicine into comprehensive treatment plans alongside with the conventional/modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.

 This is a special field of medicine and our aim is to lead and become a centre of excellence in this area. AMDI will greatly benefit as a leading reference clinical center for evidence-based approach in the development of health and management of diseases, as well as a leading research and academic centre in Integrative Medicine.

We are currently embarking into 5 main niche areas namely, Pharmacognosy Research, Drug Delivery & Standardisation, Toxicology Research, Functional Food Research and Clinical Trials. This unique integration plays a crucial role to deliver an excellent and constructive research outcome. At once, this multidisciplinary cluster research provides huge opportunities for research activities in many areas that have hardly been explored, especially to understand and explain the scientific mechanism of actions behind the clinical efficacy of various treatments. Based on these niche areas, we have established our research groups in nanoceuticals, colon- targeted drug delivery, natural products and traditional healing practices, mechanistic toxicology, toxico-pathology, mutagenicity/carcinogenicity & chemoprevention, proteomic, genomic and bioinformatics.

 Novel academic post graduate program, the first of its kind in Malaysia, will be implemented in the near future. It is our hope that the cluster will grow in quantity of members as well as in quality of collaborative research. Integrative Medicine Cluster hopes to achieve the goal of developing and practicing research-intense evidence-based management of cancer in the region.