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Departments In IPPT

Biomedical Imaging

Department of Biomedical Imaging aims to enhance fundamental and applied knowledge in biomedical imaging for improvement of disease diagnosis and treatment, as well as advanced medical management. Our research area focuses on biomedical imaging technologies and clinical applications in diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, oncology, and radiotherapy to improve health and quality of life in the diagnosis and cancer treatment.

Biomedical Science

Department of Biomedical Sciences is the major research department at AMDI in terms ofscientific membership and research rigour. The Department is supported by 3 core research units: Molecular Biology Unit, Cellular BiologyUnit and Microbiology Unit.

Community Health

Community Health Department (CHD) in Advanced Medical and Dental Institute, Universiti Sains Malaysia, caters to the research and educational activities related to the vital elements of health; physical, psychological, and nutrition.

Dental Science

Our primary goal is to promote the knowledge and advancement of craniofacial and biomaterial science that will benefit the society through academic, research and clinical service.

Clinical Medicine

Department of Clinical Medicine encourages fundamental creative ideas, conduct innovative research methods and their application to protect and improve health with the goals to improve resource efficiency in the healthcare system.


Toxicology Department (TD) is an emerging, yet rapidly expanding field that combines knowledge from multi-disciplinary basic research to establish clinical applications towards the aim of repairing, replacing and re-growing damaged tissue in order to restore its normal function.