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Our primary goal is to promote the knowledge and advancement of craniofacial and biomaterial science that will benefit the society through academic, research and clinical service. The Craniofacial and Biomaterial Science Cluster serves as a bridge between the fundamental scientific foundation of the profession and its translation into oral health care for the public. The success of this effort requires a multidisciplinary approach, hence, the cluster bring together experts in the area of cellular and molecular biology, material science bioengineering and clinical dentistry.


To become internationally recognised for excellence in the field of Craniofacial and Biomaterial Sciences.

Cluster Objectives

- To conduct innovative research in craniofacial and biomaterial sciences that are relevant to the community and industry.
- To become a leading postgraduate centre in craniofacial and biomaterial fields in Malaysia and internationally recognised.
- To provide state-of-the-art tertiary oral healthcare services that caters the needs of the community and delivered through a holistic approach.

Cluster Components

- Academic Programme
- Research
- Clinical Services

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