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Department of Dental Science

Department of Dental Science serves as a bridge between the fundamental scientific foundation of the profession and its translation into oral health care for the public.The success of this effort requires a multidisciplinary approach, hence, the department bring together experts in the area of cellular and molecular biology, material science bioengineering and clinical dentistry.

Our primary goal is to become the leading centre of excellence in postgraduate dental academic and research in the field of dental sciences. We are continuously strengthening our knowledge and innovation in the advancement of craniofacial and biomaterial science; that will benefit the society through academic, research and clinical service.


To become the leading centre of excellence in postgraduate dental academic and research in the field of dental sciences.


1)    To provide high standard of training in produsing graduates in the field of dental sciences
2)    To conduct innovative research in dental sciences that are relevant to the community and industry.



Research niche area includes:

- Craniofacial and Genetics

- Biomaterials & Dental Materials

- Oral Biology and Diseases

- Oral Health & Education

- Applied Dental Technology

- Dental Simulation and Virtual Learning

- Biomedical Engineering and Bio-functional materials

- Polymeric Materials and Artificial Blood

List of grants received as principal investigator:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Noor Fazliah Mohd Noor

Paediatric Dentstry Consultant/Biomaterials and Stem Cells

Grant as Main Supervisor
- PRGS. In vivo evaluation of BG-polymer composite film patch for treatment of mucosal ulceration, RM173,600
- FRGS. Mechanism of surface modification and fuctionalization of grapheme-poly3HB-co-4HB-BG glass composite for potential in wound healing, RM 60,000
- RUI. Parental perception towards utilization of general dental anaesthesia among children, RM50,000
- eScience Fund MOSTI. Development of bG scaffold for hard tissue regeneration,RM241,000
- SAGA ASM RM219,000
- 2 x Bridging grants, (RM22,000 and RM9900)
- 4 x USM Short Term Grants

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norehan Mokhtar

Consultant Orthodontist 

Grant as Main Supervisor
- SATU Joint Research Scheme (Digital Dentistry),RM2511
- Northcroft Foundation. Surgical-Orthodontic Approach to Dentofacial Anomaly, RM5000
- Northcroft Foundation. Surgical-Orthodontic Approach to Dentofacial Anomaly, RM5000
- KPM. Understanding the effects of hydroxyapatite coated titanium on the Saos-2 cells behavior and MRNA expression of VEGF and HIF-1A under hypoxia condition, RM135,800
- CIMB. Early Oral Cancer Detection Awareness Programme Among Orang Asli Empowring the Lanoh Tribe, RM5750
- CIMB. Dental Health Education for individuals with special needs at Sinar Harapan and An-Nur rehabilitation Centres and students at Sekolah Rendah Tahfiz Al-Islah, RM71,034
- CIMB. Obtructive Sleep Apnea Awareness Project, RM12497.50.
RU. Identifying the role of vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF) for enhanced implant-bony osseointegration, RM95,708
- 5 x USM Short Term Grant  

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatanah Mohd Suhaimi

Biomedical Engineer/Scientist

Grant as Main Supervisor
- PRGS. Development of artificial electropalatograph system ‘Flex EPG’ device for the treatment of speech therapy, RM162,000
- FRGS. The relationship between insulin sensitivity, creatinine and glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in critically ill patients with sepsis-induced AKI and sepsis non -AKI, RM187,800
- RUI. Development of model-based glycemic controller for critically ill patients, RM80,950
- HAC and SIGHT. Dental Aerosol Contaminant Equipment for the Prevention of COVID-19 in Malaysia, RM18,740
- Bridging grant. Assessment of low-level laser therapy on cell growth, viability and proliferation of human skin cancer cells, RM9,964
- PRGS. Development of glucopro for intensive Care Unit, RM84,800
- Science Fund. Development of electropalatagraph artificial palate for speech therapy of paralyzed patients, RM281,000
- USM Short Term Grant. Assessment of enamel surface and tooth composition following laser removal of dental material after bracket debonding, RM40,000

Dr. Husniyati Roslan


Grant as Main Supervisor
- Program Perintis Doktor Pergigian Muda, RM1,500

Dr. Anis Farhan Kamaruddin


Grant as Main Supervisor
- FGRS. Detection of novel mutation in non-syndromic mandibular prognathism in Malay population: a genetic study, RM154,450
- USM Short Term. Randomised controlled trial of alignment efficiency and coating durability orthodontic aesthetic archwire, RM35,131

Dr. Noor Ayuni Ahmad Shafiai


Grant as Main Supervisor
- FRGS. Evaluation and characterization of bioglass-miswak composite as toothbrush bristle. RM110,000
- USM Short Term Grant. Determining the toxicity level of fake braces in vitro, RM35,562.80

Dr. Nawal Radhiah Abdul Rahman

Oral Pathology Specialist

Grant as Main Supervisor
- USM Short Term Grant. The analysis of BRAF V600E Protein expression in ameloblastoma: focus on Malaysian Northern population, a pilot study, RM36,593
- New Zealand Research Foundation Grant. Expression of the lysyl oxidase family in benign odontogenic tumors, NZD9,442

Dr. Juzailah Roffie


Grant as Main Supervisor
- USM Short Term Grant. The efficacy of mechanical rotary, chemical solvent and laser activated irrigation to remove intracanal obturation material in retreatment endodontic (in application)

Dr. Ahmad Fakrurrozi Mohamad

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist

Grant as Main Supervisor
USM Short Term Grant.

Dr. Mohammad Azrul Zabidi

Polymeric Materials/Scientist 

Grant as Main Supervisor
- FGRS. Study on interaction between polymer based artificial blood with human endothelial cells, RM121,000
- USM Short Term Grant. Encapsulation of purified haemoglobin from expired human red blood cells by PEG-PCL Diblok copolymer for potential use as blood substitute, RM29,993

Academic Programme

Master of Oral Science and Doctor in Orthodontics will be offered soon. It is a 1+3 clinical dental specialty programme which follows the Programme Standard:Dental Specialty by MQA (2019).

MSc and PhD research mode students with fundamental, clinical and translational approach

Clinical Service