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AMDI Students Association & Accommodation Services (AMDI Student Buddies)

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AMDI Students Association (ASA)

The AMDI Students Association is an initiative of the AMDI Division of Academic and Student Affairs. Officially formed in March 2016, the association serves as a platform for the students’ voices to be heard. This association aims to bring students closer through its educational and fun activities year-round in and out of Campus.

The association committee currently consists of a President and a Vice President, Secretary, a Treasurer and 6 exco members representing the following areas:

  1. Mixed Mode/Course Work Student/Research Mode Student
  2. Student Buddies - Volunteerism and Entrepreneurship
  3. Student Well Being
  4. Activities - Trainings, Sports and Recreation

The committee members are selected through an election that is held annually in October. The period of appointment is until the end of the academic year.

The association committees and email are:

1. President: Salwani Md Saad (PhD) (salwani.mdsaad@ student.usm.my)

2. Vice President: Chiu Hock Ing  (PhD) (hockingpipm000217r@ student.usm.my)

3. Secretary: Chong Wai Mun (MSc) (chong_waimun@ student.usm.my)

4. Treasurer: Fatin Fazrina Roslan (MSc) (rinaroslan@ student.usm.my)

6 exco members representing as follows:

1. Exco 1 (International Student): Nadin J D AbuAlroos (PhD) (nadinjamal@ student.usm.my)

2. Exco 2 (AMDI Buddy): Noor Zafirah Ismail (PhD) (noorzafirah22@ student.usm.my)

3. Exco 3 (Activities): Wan Nur Amiera Faznie Wan Eddis Effendy (MSc) (wan.amiera@ student.usm.my)

4. Exco 4 (Research Student 1): Anan AbdelkarimYacoub Ishteah (PhD) (ananishtiah@ student.usm.my)

5. Exco 5 (Research Student 2): Lian Jie (PhD) (lianjie8690@ student.usm.my)

5. Exco 6: (MSc Mixed-mode/Course work Student Representative): Kumaresan Krishnan (MSc Clinical Exercise Sc) (kumark@ student.usm.my)


Are you a prospective, new or current student (local) looking for accommodation? ASA will assist student to find suitable housing/rooms around USM Bertam Campus. Click here accommodation list to select the suitable one. 

If you are flying from abroad/international student, click here Accommodation Assistance Form (International Arrival) for accomodation assistance and international arrival consultation by ASA.

*AMDI shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the services. Rental negotiation or agreement has to be dealed directly with the owner/land lord. 
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ASA Activities

  • Organising Student Food Bank
  • Organising Workshop for Students
  • Blood Donation Drive
  • Ramadan and Syawal Projects
  • Student Experience Survey
  • Sports and Recreational Activities
  • Volunteering in activities organised by USM/AMDI
  • AMDI Buddies

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the activities, please email the person in charge directly. We will update opportunity from time to time.

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Derma Darah Pelajar IPPT

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Berita Orientasi Calon Baru Mei 2017


The role of student adviser is to provide you with advice on a wide range of academic related matters including your well-being as a postgraduate student at the institute. These often include (but not limited to):

  1. Programme related issues
  2. Personal circumstances / unforeseen issues that affect our studies
  3. Supervisor-Student related issues

An appointment with a Student Adviser can be made by emailing any of the following AMDI lecturers appointed by the institute. The discussion can be via email, telephone or in-person.

1. Dr Ooi Jer Ping (ooijerping@ usm.my)
2. Dr Hazrina Yusof Hamdani (hazrina@ usm.my)
3. Dr Siti Hawa Ngalim (siti.hawa.ngalim@ usm.my)
4. Dr Ahmad Naqib Shuid (naqib@ usm.my)
5. Dr Noor Mastura Mohd Mujar (masturamujar@ usm.my)
6. Dr. Noor Ayuni Ahamad Shafiai (Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya.)

The Advisers will provide an impartial and confidential session if requested by a student. Advisers will endeavour to not make judgments about your conduct or circumstances. 

Further appointment with a counsellor/psychiatrist also can be made by phone. The discussion can be via telephone or in-person.

Counselling Services
1. Student Counselling Unit (USM Main Campus)
Psychology Officers (04-653 3410 / 3411 / 3459)

2. AMDI Healthy Mind Clinic (04-562 2655)
Dr Mohammad Farris Iman Leong bin Abdullah (Senior Lecturer/Clinical Psychiatrist)

Helpful Resources

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Browse the following links for more details on academic programs: