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Dr. Teoh Soo Huat

TeohSH2         Medical Lecturer & Family Physician

M.D (USM), M.Med (USM), FASLM, AM (Mal)
SCOPE National Fellow & Cert. (World Obesity)
Certified Bariatric Educator (Obesity Canada)
Board Certified Bariatric Counselor (AABC)

        soohuat @ usm.my
        Tel: (+6) 04-562 2085
        Research Interests: 

Obesity (Lifestyle & Medical interventions), Smoking Cessation, Men's Sexual Health, Hypertension and Diabetes management



About Me

Academic qualifications:

1) Doctor of Medicine; M.D (USM) – 2009

2) Master of Medicine in Family Medicine (USM) – 2017

Professional registration numbers:

1) Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), permanent registration number: 50443

2) National Specialist Register (NSR) number: 135743

Working experiences:

1) Housemanship      : Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar, Kedah (2009-2011)

2) Medical Officer      : Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Baharu, Serdang, Kedah (2011-2013)

3) Residency             : Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim, Sungai Petani, Kedah (2013-2015)

                                       Klinik Rawatan Keluarga, Hospital USM, Kelantan (2015-2016)

                                       Klinik Kesihatan Bakar Arang, Sungai Petani, Kedah (2016-2017)

4) Family Physician   : Klinik Kesihatan Kulim, Kedah (2017- January 2018)

                                       Klinik Kesihatan Bingkor, Keningau, Sabah (January to August 2018)

Academic Positions (Internal):

1) Module Coordinator; TCE 505 Principles of Exercise Testing & Prescription; MSc Clinical Exercise Science; 2020 –

2) Skills Lab Coordinator; Medical Doctor Program MD@IPPT; 2019 –

3) Committee Member; IPPT Academic Programs Promotion Committee; 2020 – 2020

4) Committee Member; IPPT Academic Programs Accreditation Committee; 2020 – 

Academic Positions (External):

1) Cross-Appointment Medical Lecturer; Master of Medicine (Family Medicine); School of Medical Sciences, USM Health Campus, Kelantan; 2019 – 2020

2) Clinical Mentor; Advanced Training in Family Medicine (ATFM); Academy of Family Physicians Malaysia (AFPM); 2019 – 2021

3) Research Co-Mentor; ATFM; AFPM; 2019 – 2021

Professional bodies (National):

1) Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia – Life Member

2) Academy of Medicine of Malaysia – Life member

3) Malaysian Association for the Study of Obesity – Life Member

4) Malaysian Society of Hypertension – Life member

5) Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia – Life Member

6) Malaysian Medical Association – Member (2009 – 2020)

7) Family Medicine Specialists Association of Malaysia – Member (2017 – 2020)

Professional bodies (International):

1) World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) – Life Member

2) Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) – Member

3) Obesity Medicine Association – Member

4) Dallas Obesity Society – Member


1) Good Clinical Practice by Ministry of Health Malaysia - 2014

2) Strategic Centre for Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE) by World Obesity Federation - 2019

3) National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training (NCSCT), UK - 2019

4) Certified Bariatric Educator (Obesity Canada) - 2020

5) Board Certified Bariatric Counselor (American Association of Bariatric Counselors) - 2020


Family Medicine/Primary Care/General Practice/Family Practice covers a wide range of diseases of any age and requires other non-clinical skills. It is best described as managing cases from womb to tomb; acute and chronic management; preventative, curative and rehabilitative care; individual and community-based management; clinical and administrative skills; research and teaching. 

My interest is in chronic diseases particularly non-communicable diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, smoking cessation, men's sexual health and cancer screening.

My clinic days for appointment-based patients are Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. It is situated in the Clinical Trial Complex. Walk-in and private wing patients will be seen under Executive Health Services


MSc (Clinical Exercise Science)

1) TCE 502 Nutrition in Health & Diseases

    a. Obesity and Weight Management; 2018 –

    b. Metabolic Syndrome; 2018 –

2) TCE 503 Applied Psychology

    a. Anxiety & Depression, Eating Disorders & Substance Abuse; 2019 – 2020

3) TCE 504 Applied Exercise Physiology

    a. Physiology of Exercising Female; 2018 – 2019

4) TCE 505 Principles of Exercise Testing and Prescription

    a. Body Composition Assessment; 2020 –

5) TCE 506 Perspectives and Practice in Health Promotion

    a. Risk Factors of Lifestyle-Related Diseases; 2018 –



1) Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan; Ministry of Health Malaysia; Master of Medicine (Family Medicine); 2013-2017


1) Fellowship in Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (FASLM); 2020

2) SCOPE (World Obesity Federation) leadership program; 2020

3) SCOPE National Fellow (World Obesity Federation); 2020


 MSc (Ongoing)

1) Suhaila Abbas, Research Mode, Development and validation of doctor obesity management questionnaire, 2019/2021 (Main Supervisor)

2) Ezzah Khan, Research Mode, Qualitative study on primary care doctors' practice in obesity management, 2020/2021 (Main Supervisor)

3) Rosna Abdoll Jalil, Research Mode, Food culture among patients with diabetes: a qualitative study, 2020/2021 (Co-Supervisor)


Poster presentations:

1.   Correia JC, Meraj H, Teoh SH, Waqas A, Pataky Z, Golay A. Telemedicine interventions for treatment of diabetes mellitus in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis. J Endocr Soc. 2020; 4(Supp1):MON126.

Citation indexed journals:

1.   Teoh SH. Angry patient with fibromyalgia: Diagnosis and management in primary care. Med J Malaysia. 2016; 71(6):351-3.

2.   Teoh SH, Razlina AR, Norwati D, Siti Suhaila MY. Patients’ blood pressure control and doctors’ adherence to hypertension clinical practice guideline in managing patients at health clinics in Kuala Muda district, Kedah. Med J Malaysia. 2017; 72(1):18-25.

3.   Teoh SH, Liyana S. Facial and ocular presentations of Carbimazole induced agranulocytosis: A case report. Bangladesh J Med Sci. 2018; 17(4): 678-9.

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3. Abduraman MA, Azizan NA, Teoh SH, Tan ML. Ketogenesis and SIRT1 as a tool in managing obesity. Obes Res Clin Pract. 2021; 15(1):10-18.


1.   Sabah Obstetric Shared Care Guidelines (SOSCG) 3rd edition, 2018. Member of guidelines development group.

2.   Nabilah R, Chuah PL, Teoh SH. Obesiti, sindrom metabolik dan rakyat Malaysia. Buletin Sejahtera. 2018 Apr; (5):129-31.

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5.   Teoh SH, Karen C. Blog. Obesity care: a glimpse into the future. World Obesity Federation. 2020. Available from: https://www.worldobesity.org/news/obesity-care-a-glimpse-into-the-future


Research Grants

1.  USM Short term grant: Development and validation of obesity-related questionnaire; RM35,000; 2019-2021; Principal Investigator.

2.  Academy of Family Physicians Malaysia (AFPM) Research Grant: Qualitative research on obesity management in primary care; RM12,000; 2020-2021; Principal Investigator.