Introduction to Orthodontics & IOTN Workshop




This programme aims to give information to dental officers who are interested in pursuing a career in Orthodontics. Furthermore, a workshop focusing on IOTN will also be held to enhance your skills for quick recognition on malocclusion problems. This would allow dental officers to assess their patients' orthodontic needs in relation to appropriate referral for diagnosis, advice and treatment. It will include a practical hands-on element


  • Introduction to the specialty of orthodontic.
  • Exposing the true nature of work of an Orthodontist to the dental officers
  • Understanding in depth regarding the function, pro and cons of Index of Treatment Need (IOTN)

Who and why you should attend this course?

  • Enthusiastic dental officers
  • Interested in becoming an orthodontist
  • Share experiences from our own local orthodontists
  • Opportunity for career development
  • Get to know IPPT