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Oncological & Radiological Sciences

Oncology and Radiological Sciences (ORS) cluster is one of the six main clusters that serve as the foundation group for Advanced Medical and Dental Institute (AMDI) of Universiti Sains Malaysia. The cluster is made up of a good and very dedicated team consisting of 24 lecturers of various expertise with clinical and non-clinical background as well as well trained scientific officers of their field.

The cluster aims to deliver great distinction and leadership in all aspect of oncological and radiological sciences research. This is achieved through teaching and training of the researchers and medical professionals in the field of ORS, focussing towards the advancement of patient care.

The main areas of ORS research interests are cell and molecular biology, recombinant therapeutic proteins and antibodies, molecular diagnosis of cancers (in particular nasopharyngeal, colorectal and breast cancers), genetics, nuclear medicine, radiology, clinical oncology and radiation therapy. ORS research projects are currently supported by grants offered locally by various governmental agencies such as FRGS, ERGS and Malaysian Palm Oil Board as well as university based grants like USM Incentive, Short Term and Research University (RU) grants. 

On the academic side, ORS cluster is involved in the initiation and successful running of two mix mode postgraduate programs i.e. Master of Medicine (MMed Nuclear Medicine) and Master of Science (MSc Medical Research). For the full research mode postgraduate program, there are currently more than ten PhD and MSc candidates whom are enrolled under ORS cluster. On top of that, the cluster also assisted in providing the expertise for the clinical service offered by AMDI like imaging based services, oncology clinics as well as oncology daycare fascility; where our clinical team members are actively involved in the management of care for patients referred to clinical centre.

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