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Mas Cotek

Mas Cotek  
Scientific Name Oicus deltoidea Jack 
Family Moraceae
Common Names Mistletoe Fig, Mistletoe Rubber Plant
Mas Cotek  

Mas Cotek is a small perennial herb, growing up to about 2 m tall (Hasan, 2006). The different shapes of the leaves represent different varieties some having a rounded shape and others having an elongated egg shape. The color at the top of the leaf is shining green while underneath, the surface color is golden yellow with black spots in between the leaf veins. Mas Cotek plant species are male and female. The leaves of female species are big and round in shape, while the male species are small, round and long in shape (Wikipedia).

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According to traditional medicine, parts of F. Deltoidea plant such as it’s leaves, fruits, stems and roots  posses healing, palliative and preventative properties (Wikipedia). The dried leaves are brown in colour, odourless and have slight taste (Globinmed).

It is an evergreen shrub. It can grow up to 2m tall.

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Native to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia (USDA).

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List of chemicals extracted for Ficus deltoidea leaves: Aqueous extract: vitexin, isovitexin (Abdullah et al., 2009a, Abdullah et al., 2009b), flavan-3-ol , flavone glycosides, chalcone, phenylalanine, cinnamic acid, proanthocyanidins (Omar et al., 2011).

Methanol: moretenol, rutin, narigenin, quercetin (Mohd Lip et al., 2009, Ong et al., 2011).

Essential Oil: 6-methyl-5-heptane-2-one, mycrene, cis-furanoid linalool ocide, trans-furanoid linalool ocide, linalool, limone, dendrolasine, α-ylangene, α-copaene, β-bourbonene, 1,5-diepi-β-bourbonene, β-cubebene, β-elemene, α-gurjunene, α-cisbergamotene, β-aryophyllene, α-santalene, α-humulene, bergamotene, alloaromadendrene, aciphyllene, germacrene, bicyclogermacrene, germacrene β, cyanogen, octaethylene glycol, hexagol (Grison-Pige et al., 2002, Lee et al., 2011).

Ficus deltoidea plant is mainly used by women in traditional medicine especially as afterbirth treatment. The leaves is believed to help to contract the uterine and vaginal mucles, to regain body strenght, improve blood circulation and treating disorder related to menstrual cylce (Burkhill and Haniff, 1930; Fasihuddin and Din, 2002).

Pharmacological properties of Ficus deltoidea:

Antinociceptive (Sulaiman et al 2008), Anti cancer (Akhir et al 2011), Anti inflammatory (Zakaria et al., 2012), Anti oxidant (Abdullah et al. 2009b; Misbah et al., 2013), Anti-bacterial (Uyub et al., 2010; Samah et al.,2012), Anti-diabetic (Misbah et al., 2013), Wound healing activity (Abdulla et al., 2010).

The no-observed adverse effect level of F. Deltoidea in rats was determines to be 2500 mg/kg (Farsi E. et al 2013).

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