Professor Dale Fisher




Professor Dale Fisher is an Australian Infectious Diseases physician who first worked in Singapore in 2003. International Infectious Disease outbreak experience includes SARS in Singapore, 2003 and deployments through GOARN to Mongolia, China and Malaysia to assist in H1N1 2009 national responses. He was deployed to Liberia on 3 occasions during the 2014-5 Ebola Outbreak and to Myanmar in 2017 also for influenza.
He has chaired the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) committee at the National University Hospital since 2006 and is the inaugural chair of the Singapore’s National IPC committee, since 2013.

Prof Fisher has been on the steering committee (SCOM) of the Global Outbreak and Alert and Response Network (GOARN) since 2013 and is the current vice chair. He has lead its training work group and still leads the group overseeing the implementation of Rapid Response Capacities in the context of GOARN.
Prof Fisher has facilitated scenario and interactive outbreak response trainings in Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Viet Nam, Jordan, Mexico and Portugal

Prof Fisher is often engaged as a WHO consultant including regional and global clinical service needs and guidelines development groups (GDGs)

He has received many national awards including
- Courage Medal (SARS), Courage foundation Singapore March – May ‘03
- RACP John Sands Medal for outstanding contribution to College Affairs (May 2006)
- NUS School of Medicine Faculty Teaching excellence award – 2008 & 9
- RACP Excellence in mentoring Award – 2008 & 2009
- PS21 ExCEL Award; Outstanding Activist certificate of recognition – Nov 2011
- NUHS-Mochtar Riady Pinnacle Excellence Award 2013
- National Clinical Excellence Team Award (infection prevention lead) 2013 (Ministry of Health)
- Healthcare Humanity Award, Courage Foundation, Singapore 2015
- Public Service (Health) Living the Values (Team) Award, 2015

He has over 150 published manuscripts in the peer reviewed literature and given more than 70 key note or plenary invited presentations at conferences.