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PROMASK is either a planned actvity or is invited from other agencies such as private companies, the community or schools around AMDI. This program exposes the staff to other communities from Penang to Kedah. This program enables health problems within a certain community to be identified and also enables the community to know AMDI.


i.    Service: To bridge the community and AMDI to enable identification of any health problems.
ii.   Research: To build a healthy community by identifying hotspots to carry out research.   
iii.  Education: To enable the community to be health conscious, for themselves, their family and the environment.   
Doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and researchers are involved in this program. The moving coach is also utilized to help make this program a success.  


Activities conducted under PROMASK include:
•    Routine medical check up for blood pressure, blood glucose levels, height, weight and hearing screening.
•    Blood collection to monitor for high blood pressure, diabetes, dyslipidemia and other diseases.
•    Pap smear for early detection of cervical cancer.
•    Demonstration of breast self examination.
•    Health education and lecture by doctors or trained nurses..
•    Poster exhibition to increase health awareness amongst the community.
•    Data collection by research officers to conduct research.