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Overview of Nursing

The Nursing Services, which started operating in 2003, is responsible for making sure that the quality of life of patients is at an optimum standard. This unit is managed by two Jururawat U44 and  jururawat U36 who are responsible for all matters related to nursing and nursing research in AMDI. This unit is also responsible for the managing and administrating  Penolong Pegawai Perubatan (PPP) dan Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan (PPK) in AMDI. Managing and administrating nurses involve supervision, evaluation of the general service, infection control, training and community service.
Other than nursing services, this unit also manages staff nurses who are placed in other hospitals within or outside of the country. This placement gives exposure to the staff and enables them to improve their skill sets in certain fields, as well as increases their knowledge.



To provide holistic and treatment of quality for patients.


To provide and manage treatment for patients that encompasses health, prevention, and disease cures that are satisfatory to patients. 


•    To practice safe nursing based on set standards.
•    To promote health and a good quality of life to the public by providing continuous health education.
•    To prepare knowledgable and skilled staff to improve the nursing services through continuous education in nursing.
•    To practice team work and to create a conducive environment at the work place.  
•    To provide a conducive learning facility to encourage the staff to improve themselves.
•    To actively participate in research in AMDI and in the community