The 3rd AMDI International Biohealth Conference is a continuation of past conferences which were organised successfully in year 2010 and 2016. The 3rd AMDI International Biohealth Science Conference (IBSC) will be held in Kuching, Malaysia. This will be organised by the Infectomics Cluster, of AMDI in collaboration with Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB).

In line with many challenges and changes in the handling of infectious diseases, researchers and medical experts need to update their knowledge in innovative technologies in targeting infections, global issues surrounding community acquired infections and the healthcare management of infectious diseases. Relevant to these requirement, the proposed conference is expected to be a milestone in the resolution of important issues related to vaccines and immunisation, immune-therapy, use of geographic information system in the management of infectious diseases, emergence of multi-resistance antimicrobials, the challenges in dengue and zika virus infections and other infections propagated by tourism such as TB, SARS, MERC, among others.

This conference is open to Malaysian researchers, clinicians, hospital managers and healthcare workers. This conference will be highly relevant to the research students and international participants mainly from Asian countries who are actively involved in research and disease control related to infectious diseases. We are also hopeful to get participants from Middle East and Gulf countries to attend this conference. We are aiming for 210 participants to participate  in this conference.

The focus areas for the conference are:

•    Latest issues and technologies related to infectious diseases and update on management of Infectious Diseases in clinical setting.

•    The latest finding and related technology relating to TB, dengue, malaria, Hepatitis, travel-associated infections such as SARS and MERC, Zika virus, HIV, anthrax, typhoid, Ebola, leptospirosis, parasites and fungal infections, food, air and water borne diseases.

•    Advanced findings on oncogenic viruses and cancer.



a.    To provide a platform for researchers, academics, clinicians, health workers and students in sharing the research finding and updates on the management of evolving infectious diseases.

b.    To gain updates on epidemiology, diagnostic, clinical investigations, treatment and preventive measures related to life threatening infectious diseases and bring the great opportunity to explore, share and discuss current challenges and new advances in the field of infectious diseases.

c.    To present the opportunity to explore, share and discuss current challenges and new advances in the field of infectious diseases and oncogenic virus that causes cancer.