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Welcome to CBO@IPPT USM

  1. There are more than 20 public universities that receive allocations from the government for their administration and management. The budget for research universities (RU) is higher than the allocation for other universities due to the higher research workload. USM as one of the RUs run numerous programs that are driven towards excellence, mainly in advancing knowledge and learning through research and quality education for the country and humanity.
  2. The distribution of allocations from public funds are seeing major decline in the last few years due to economic constraints. Public universities will have to be financially sustainable to avoid a negative impact in its administration and management
  3. Therefore, IPPT as one of the PTJs under USM has established a Corporate Business Office to set up our own income generation program.

The objectives of CBO

1) To identify the potential of PTJ to generate income;
2) To plan competitive business activities to generate income;
3) To conduct business activities that have been identified;
4) To ensure IPPT's business model and operations run smoothly;
5) To manage and control financial generation activities; and
6) To report business activities to higher university’s authorities

If you are our potential clients, please do not hesitate to contact any of our CBO members to encourage further discussions on any business opportunities!

Success in an enterprise can be brought about, through effective leadership, which educes open communication, which in turn would contribute towards bringing down conflict levels, thus leading to higher productivity and distinguished gains, which in turn testifies about the healthy corporate culture of an organization