Associate Professor Anupam Kumar



Associate Professor Anupam Kumar Sachan

Dayanand Dinanath College, Institute of Pharmacy,
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Associate Professor Anupam Kumar Sachan holds Bachelor’s degree in Science (1997) and Pharmacy (2003) and later on obtained a Master in Pharmacy (2005) from India, specializing in Pharmaceutics. He has almost 11 years of experience in teaching and many years as an appointed examiner for assessment of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level in Pharmacy. He has been an Associate Professor at Dayanand Dinanath College, Institute of Pharmacy in Uttar Pradesh, India since August 2014.

He is a life member of Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Indian Pharmacy Graduates’ Association, Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India and Swadeshi Sciences Movement of India, Delhi. He has authored and co-authored over 40 scientific papers and presented his research at almost 20 national and international conferences and seminars. He supervises postgraduate students for Master’s degree in Pharmacy. He is an expert in drug formulation for oral dosage forms and recently involved in development of nanoparticulate delivery for herbal drugs.